First night in Botswana

       The boarder between South Africa and Botswana is the divide between two cultures.  Although similar, they are different.  The westernized culture of South Africa is laid aside and the rural culture of Botswana is born.  I am now in a land of roaming cattle, goats and chickens.  Every road off the main is dirt... not gravel, dirt.  The people walking seems to be as many as the people driving and the Combie (a 15 passenger VW bus looking thing as public transport) is very common.

       Just before I left, I was informed that I would have 6 female roommates and I would be the only male. This is an interesting twist as I grew up with no sisters and have lived in male dorms for the last 4 years.  The girls seem pretty laid back so I think it will work.  The bonus is that I get the outside bunk house with its own bathroom all to myself.  However it was painted pink just before my arrival because it was the only paint that was left, haha.  Not to worried about it though.  More worried about the bathroom ceiling that has so much termite damage it is almost ready to cave in.  I will post pictures when I get to better internet.  A bug net is NEEDED.  Not so much for the mosquitos as the creepy crawly insect.  Founds some good size spiders in my bathroom as there are no screens and almost anything can come in when the windows are open... or through the cracks above the doors.
      The termite damage is everywhere.  On the way from the airport I saw termite mounds that were 5-6 feet.  This week we will be fasting all week for direction and God's leading in the Youth For Christ Ministry of Botswana for the next year.  I am not expected to participate in the fasting part as I just arrived but I think I will.  Not to long ago I had a conversation with someone about how most pastoral teams only have a retreat for a 1-3 days in order to seeks God's direction and do very little fasting.  My literal words were that "as leaders of the church they should be fasting and praying for a week.  It's not that long considering your seeking guidance for another 51 weeks."  
      So now that the exact thing I spoke of is placed in front of me, my respect for the leadership of YFCB has grown and I should act on my words and take part!