Mochudi Centre Chiefs (soccer team) loose biggest tournament in the league.

      So Oats invited me to go to another Mochudi Centre Chiefs game, where the Centre Chiefs would be competing for the finals of the Coca-Cola Cup.  The game was in Lobatse, about two hours from Mochudi but I though it still worth it so we cruised to Lobatse.  BUT, not before stopping at Liqourama in Gaborone and picking up two friends on the way.  Also at one point the car wouldnt start because the battery terminals were loose so that took a few minutes to get a good connection.  
     I realized yesterday that Oats just hates driving.  Instead of me driving all day, Oats' other friend took the wheel and Oats was totally content to sit in the back seat of his own car sipping his bear.  Due to my lack of Setwana I slept from Gabrone to Lobatse.  
     The stadium is brand new and sits in a valley with rolling hills all around.  When you look out of the open stadium the lush green hills rose twice as high as the bleachers on all sides.  Very nice location!  The parking was awesome.  People were getting stuck all over the place in the muddy grass and the curbs are riddled with black marks from vehicles crawling curbs to find good parking.  The lawn is riddled with bear bottles from everyone pre-drinking and discarding their empties.
     The Centre Chiefs played a weak game and lost 1-0, 25 minutes into overtime on a weak goal by Lobatse.  The stadium was way bigger than the last stadium we were at so it did not have the same energy, which was kind of a let down but I got a couple cool pictures.
     Leaving the game is always the best part.  This place had available washrooms so less people were peeing everywhere but the crowd is wild.  Horns are blowing, guys have their shirts off (including a tubby with his crack peeking out while dancing), people are dancing everywhere, stereos are pumping music, and pick-up truck boxes are FULL of people screaming and dancing.  Then the mob comes.  The mob is the remainder of the winning teams fans who have until now been dancing in the bleachers.  They dance, yell and sing their way through the parking lot to their respective vehicles.  Its almost more entertaining then the game.
      Although the location was very nice, the road access was terrible.  The stands were only 1/4 or 1/3 full and it was a dead stop and start.  I couldnt imagine if it was full.  Once out of Lobatse you travel the only road back to Gaborone where all the other fans are travelling as well.  It is basically a mob moving across the country side.  Very slow... I slept again.  However, one dude got a flat so we tried to help him but our spare wouldnt fit his car.  I was suppose to be back around 8pm to help with Drop-In but didnt arrive until 9:30 and it closes at 10.  Welcome to Africa.

     On a more pathetic note.  All the government workers except for the police force starts striking as of Monday morning, for ten days.  They claim they are not paid enough money.  I find this interesting as they get paid more then any other job in the country.  What really makes the situation pathetic is that both school teachers and hospital workers are under the government branch so they will be striking as well.  I have been told that the workers of the hospital will not be going to work for 10 days.  Money is one thing but how can you just leave your patients for 10 days in the hospital, with no care.  I will not believe this unless I see it happen.  Can people really be so greedy and heartless?  I imagine that many are not but will be forced to stay away because of the strike.
     This strike is irrational because these people already make good money.  Teachers are not teachers because they love teaching, most of them could care less... just the money is good.  You can see the difference in their bodies.  The other night I watched a soccer match between students and teachers.  Not one of the teachers was without a healthy layer fat that you could see through their clothing.  On the other hand, not one player on the students team has any fat on them that you could see if they were naked.  
     There is also word that they might try to close down some borders to make things worse in a hope for their outcome to be advantageous.  The best part is that the police are not taking part in this strike.  If the police took part then it would really force the government to pay out.  But since the police refuse to take part, the strike has no actual weight behind it and will inevitably fail.  I guess the police have no reason to strike when they do nothing in the first place but get paid well.  If you go to the police station, you will see twenty of them around the main office; some doing little, some doing nothing.  In fact, one day when we drove into Builders World we saw five police officers having a nap on a picnic table that was blocked by shrubs.  This was about 10 am in the morning.  Good to see them working hard!