Easy answers will not suffice! 

    Before I begin I would like t say that I have experienced miracles; people in my family have experienced miracles; God has spoken to me and confirmed prayers; I have experienced moments when things go opposite the plan, only to find that the outcome was perfect and if it went according to plan things would have been a total mess.  In no way is this a bash against YFCB but only my personal thoughts and questions that have been very relevant to me in the last months.  I have seen the hand of God work, BUT I have questions that I need answers for.
    Such as:
   Where is the power when we pray?  Every morning we meet for a half hour prayer meeting, every Friday afternoon for an hour and the first monday of every month we commit the whole day to prayer and worship and brainstorming.  This seems to have had impact as they were praying for a Handy Man and I KNOW that God sent me here for that purpose and He has confirmed that many times.  The ministry here in Botswana is also the biggest its every been but yet it seems SOOOOO redundant to pray for things over and over and over.  Does God not hear us when we ask the first time.  Is He daft that we must ask Him numerous times before He clews in.  Certainly not!  So why do we continue in such a manner?  I see the pattern happening in other programs and ministries I have been part of in Canada, only here they are much more focused on prayer then in Canada.  
    Why do we not see more miracles?  Jesus said we would do greater things then He did.  I know many people who experience miracles when they pray for people.  What do they have that the rest of us dont?  I cannot believe that the Power of God is only accessible by a few.  Scripture does not teach that.  
    Is having a relationship with Jesus what mainstream Evangelical Christianity teaches it to be?  I have my hesitations to agree but I do not totally disagree.
    Why does God put me in situations to experience and endure Christians acting in ways that are full of good intention yet spiritually way off track?  We pray for all kinds of things but Scripture is clear that when we are living in sin, our prayers are hindered and that when we pray according to the WILL of God, our prayers are received with open arms.  I hear people pray, "if it is your will God".  Has God not explained His will to us?  Should we not know it?  We pray like we havent got a clue about the Kingdom of God.  Does a master not make his wishes know to his servants?  If he does not, they will never be fulfilled. 
    Why do I get answers that are against my desires when I pray.  I did NOT want to become a pastor/teacher, go to Bible College, or go to Botswana.  I didnt want any of these things and did not like it when God told me about any of them.  However, being given the gift of teaching, going to Bible College and going to Botswana has been the most reformative, productive and powerful years of my life.  Yet, I am still afraid to ask God what is next because His track record of asking me to do things I dont want to do is well advanced.
    Is there a "right" way to worship God?
    Is there a "right" way to pray?
    Are we doing anything right?  
    Why are we to scared to change the things that are obviously wrong?  Does it not make complete logical sense that if what we are doing is not working, then there must be another way/answer?
    Do people actually want to follow the word of God or do they want Him on their side while doing things their own way?  Was this not the attitude of Israel when their nation was getting their A$$ handed to them in battle because they went against the Lord.  Or when they got carried off into Assyrian captivity and later to Babylonian captivity?
    Who taught Abraham, Job, Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Isaiah and etc. how to interpret dreams and visions or recognize the voice of God.  Who taught the people of Job's day how to hear the voice of God and how did they know so much about Him if everyone was going against Him.  Did God speak more then, then now?
    And the biggest question of all... Why do I even have to ask all these questions?