God was sure faithful!!!

        So after my brother Andrew flooring it the last 30 km to get to Detroit Metro Airport in time, I arrive a bit late and to a decent line up.  A Metro worker approaches me and says, "don't stand in that line up, use the automated teller".  So I did but it would not recognize my ticket.  It turns out my flight got canceled while I was still on route to the airport.  This lady takes me to a special teller who met with me in 2 minutes and informed me of the bad news.  My flight was canceled and there was not another one until the next day.
        BUT, she said that there is only one seat left on a Delta flight to Atlanta, Georgia (which left 20 minutes after the time my original flight was suppose to leave).  Then I caught the connector to Johannesburg.  The flight to Johannesburg left one hour and fifteen minutes after I arrived in Atlanta.
        Let's recap.  Within 10 minutes of entering the Detroit Metro Airport, my canceled flight turned into the last seat on a flight that would get me to Johannesburg 5 hours before my original flight would have and had less lay over time.  I literally ran the last wing to my flight gate in Atlanta.
        It gets better.  When I walk through the arrival doors in Johannesburg, there is no one waiting for me (and there should have been).  I wait for a bit and then ask a taxi driver to point me to a phone.  He whips out his cell and calls the guy for me... they dont pick up.  The driver then escorts me to the internet bank and I look up my agents number and he (Eddie) calls her.  The dude from MoAfrica Lodge then calls Eddie and says he though I was coming tomorrow, so he will be there in 15 minutes.  He almost sold my room for the night because he thought I was coming the next night. 
        SO, now everything has worked out perfectly.  I had a better flight, get to enjoy this sweet rustic lodge for a few more hours, watched like 5 movies on the plan (it had personal TV screens), and will still catch my flight, tomorrow, to Gaborone after a better nights sleep without having to pay flight insurance or pay for a one way flight because of missing my original flight.
        The lady who checked me through in Detroit said two times that it was meant to be for me to be on that flight.  I guess it would be more appropriate to say it was "made" to be.