The Eucalyptus tree is a rainforest tree that somehow made its way into South Africa where there is not much water.  Apparently a fully grown one consumes 200L of water per day.  Therefore South African farmers are forced to provide documentation that they are working continually working to rid their farms of these trees.
     The other day I woke at 5:30 to the neighbour lady hacking at a chunk of fire wood.  Who does that?
     I really enjoy some of the people here and have some good times but it is very hard to have respect for some of them when they have no desire to work and provide for themselves.  I have been noticing lately that as easygoing these people look on the outside, they are very judgemental underneath.  Construction work is the lowest of the low.  They would rather do nothing then work these jobs.  Also they are very political but mainly they are only interested because they want the country to work for them so they can get rich.  Not so they can benefit their country and provide a positive place for their descendants.
     Our power randomly goes off.  Today it went off about 8am and was off until 2pm... for no reason.  It is kind of a normal thing.
     Matthew Harrison has a lot of truth to his arguments about the garbage housing industry in North America. However, it is garbage here as well.  One of the YFCB board members made a joke about my man cave saying that you cant complain about poor workmanship... there wasnt any.  He is totally right.  Nothing is square, straight, or level.  
     The other day I made a BBQ pit out of concrete block rubble so I could BBQ supper for the house.  They I placed a patio stone on top to act as a lit and reflect heat down.  It worked awesome and when everything was hot the patio stone worked as a warmer because of all the heat it absorbed.  Who needs to buy a BBQ when you can make a gourmet system out of rubble? haha
     We went to this Universalist Christian Church last Sunday.  There theology is pretty bogus in a lot of ways and I understand why there is Scripture that tells you to close your door when you pray.  This one guy almost made us def.  It was impressive and ridiculous all at the same time.
    I am on the good side of the desk manager at Builders World.  I love going to the hardware stores here.  Its the Red Green verses Asian Invasion.  There is a promotion on at Builders World that you get a free gift with every purchase so the desk manager gave me two free T-shirts.  A solid score.  But the next time this other lady gave us a Builders World womans hand bag with pink, purple and grey pocadots on it.  I almost handed it right back to here but figured one of the girls could use it for something.  We have pictures.
    You get used to living with bugs around.  Especially when everything seems to have the gift of flight around here.  Try sitting in the evening and a 1 and a half inch flying Cricket buzzing by your ear... inside.  I was first up this morning and when I went into the house it sounded like a jungle with all the crickets making noise.  I would go insane if I lived in the house.  Death would be upon EVERYTHING the crawls or flies.