All or nothing... so to speak.

      For the two or three weeks before coming to Botswana, I was working 10-12 hours a day trying to finish all the jobs I had and get everything inline for me leaving the country.  Then I travelled for 20 hours straight to arrive here and basically do nothing all week.  Nothing physical anyways.  E.J did not even plan work for me because This Is Africa (TIA) and things run differently here.  Because we are fasting, no one is working this week but resting, reading and praying.  Since we are not eating much and its pretty hot, none of us have much energy to do anything.  It is almost the complete opposite of my life before I came here.  As nice as it is, its very strange to me and is getting a little bit old... to be honest.  I would like to just eat a couple solid meals and do something with my hands.  Also there is no fans at the staff house so it gets pretty hot in a few of the rooms.  I think being out and about more and doing some work would take my mind off of those things.
      Luckily I have had opportunity this week to help with the drop-in, go to Gaborone for church, do aerobics class, and last night I watched a football (soccer) match of some guys from the area.  Twila, one of my house mates, has been watching there games for a while so they knew I was coming and wanted to meet me.  The couch invited me to train with them whenever I wish.  The coach also drives the same car as me.  Same green and everything... except his is right hand drive.
      Everyone here wants to be self employed because employers do not treat there employees the best here. They expect them to work hard but dont expect to pay them much.  They have the option to do this as many people are without employment here.  No joke, there are four ladies who sit in front of the YFC centre everyday with stuff that they have made to sell.  There is a school next door so they sell it to the kids.  They literally lie in their Wheel Barrows most of the day in the shade tree waiting for someone to approach them.
      Since everyone wants to be self employed, the soccer coach thought I was the man since I work for myself a lot.  He shook my hand and call me master... as in, "your the man".