Life Savers, not just a delicious candy...

            This week during the fast, I ate a lot of Life Savers and chewed a lot of gum.  They sure helped the hunger cravings!

            Yesterday was my first extended interaction with E.J the National and Regional director of YFC in Southern Africa.  He is a busy man as he also preaches often at his church.  This week he was busy working with the District.  E.J received a letter after Christmas that the operations of the Day Care would be suspended if certain requirements were not met.  This was not a huge deal as it was a general letter to all Day Cares in the district.  The issue rose when the date for completion of these requirements was before the New Year.  Many Day Cares are closed right now because they could not meet the requirements in time.  Since E.J did not receive the letter until after the expected completion date, they gave him a grace period to continue operating.

            This week I will be at the Day Care taking care of the building needs.  I need to make 3 parking spaces, as well as an unloading bay for a supply truck and fix a couple of other small things.  These things must be done for the requirements but they will never be used.  Everyone parks outside of the gate so the parking spaces are useless and supplies are never delivered, the Day Care workers pick them up in a van.  But, nonetheless, we have to do it so I will be busy digging this week.

            E.J informed me that he and his wife Kookoes have a strict policy that they never make there financial needs known.  They pray about them and trust the Lord to provide.  Five years ago they built the Day Care and had no money to do so.  He spent time on the site praying for God to provide for the need.  That week he preached at his church and a member came to him after.  The man asked E.J if he could provide for some building needs at the Day Care.  The man works at a local bank and they needed to donate to a charity.  E.J drew up a proposal for the bank and they thought it was the best idea they had ever seen.  The bank funded the building of the Day Care classroom and washroom facilities as well as most of the playground area. 

            When E.J approached the District for a building permit they asked him how he would sustain the operation.  He said “by prayer and trusting the Lord to provide.”  The lady said, “Well how can I know that you will be able to continue operating like that.”  E.J told her that “she will just have to trust him that he will be praying and God will be providing.”  They got the permit and it has been operational for almost five years now.

            The Day Care is in a suburb of Mochudi.  By suburb, I mean in a dirt section off the main paved road.  There are no stop, yield, or directional signs.  The roads are dirt and weave their way back through what seems more like a bush trail than a road.  Yet the majority of Mochudi lives on streets like this.  While we were measuring some things, we whatched a cart pulled by two donkeys go by as if normal.  Later in the day while traveling with Em we had to nudge goats with the vehicle to get them to move.  Someone has spilt some feed on the road and over twenty goats were on the main road and would not move until nicely pushed out of the road by the vehicles.  I saw a lot of cows hanging out by the road last night as well.  It seems as if all the animals just know that in the evening you go home and in the morning you go out.  Everyone has block fences to keep them out of their yards and no one minds the animals all over town or on the roads.