It's been a rough week on the Kia Station Wagon!

     The other day, one of the girls called and asked if there was already a dent in the bumper of the Kia.  She was to timid to call E.J and figured because I was a man, I would have noticed.  I thought the whole thing was rather funny and figured it was just a little bump that she was overreacting about.  When they arrive home I take a look to see the corner of the rear pumper skirt pushed in about 6inches in diameter and the bolt that attaches the edge of the skirt to the fender was ripped through the skirt.  haha, was there already a dent?
    Luckily dad and I did some work to my old civic when i got rear-ended so I had a good feeling I could fix it.  I got out the jack and jacked the car up, stuck a board from the ground up into the dent in the fender, then let the jack down slowly.  It pushed out the dent just like when I did it to my civic.  I drilled two wholes in the skirt where it was bolted to the fender uses a piece of wire to go through the wholes and act as the other side of the bolt whole that was now lying in a Gaborone parking lot.  I bolted the skirt back up and it almost looks like nothing every happen.  
    The day after I fixed it, one of the other girls misjudged where the nose of the car was and rubbed the front bumper on the garage door opening.  It didnt dent it but now between the two German's, both front and back of the Kia are scuffed on the passenger side.
    I, the only male in the house, cook more than all but two of the girls.  So much so that Twila said... "your like a chef!"  Probably never thought you would hear that about me.  I never thought I would either.  I dont think its so much a reflection on the amount I cook as the lack of how much many of them cook.  I just dont like being hungry.
    I heard from a few friends and my brother Andrew this week, so that was nice.  Talked with my parents last week on the phone, that was nice as well.
    I think we need to clear the air about my aerobics lessons.  Last week there was a lady leading them and it was so lame.  A day that I was not there, she had the group watch part of an aerobics video and follow along.  THIS IS NOT THE AEROBICS WE DO.  The dude that leads our sessions also teaches full contact kick boxing.  He is jacked and works us like we are training for kick boxing.  He will barely let us get water.  When this lady lead it I barely broke a sweat.  When the guy leads it we never stop moving for over an hour.  I can literally ring the sweat out of my shirt when we are done.  I know thats a little gross but you will get over it.  I was talking to our instructor the other day and he said aerobics are no good.  He does a thing called fast step (which he does with us).  Its much faster than aerobics and your doing two excursus at once.  Sometimes it feels like bootcamp. 
    Last night I gave the short lesson at Drop-In.  They always look at white people as money bags.  They are also very proud to be Botswanan.  So I said I am proud to be Canadian and wanted to teach them the truth about my country.  I taught them how many of our ancestors came over from Europe with nothing more than their clothes and a few dollars, how they had to clear the land, plant their own food, live in stick and grass houses in -20 degree winters until they built the country from the ground up.  I shared with them how my grandfather came from Holland and worked until he was 50 before buying his own land and had to continue working for others to help pay for it.  I shared with them how we have to volunteer for 40 hours to graduate high school and how we have volunteer working programs to help us get the skills to be hired for a job.  I showed them through our history that Botswana and Canada are not very different.  Our ancestors were faced with the same decisions they have to make.  So I encouraged them to not let life pass them by and to grab ahold of it, to make something of themselves.  Then I shared with them what Proverbs 6:10, says about resting to much and how that will bring poverty.  By the end of it, you could have heard a pin drop.  I dont think any of them had ever heard of the hardship the "Americans" have gone through to build the rich continent we now have. I also shared how there are still very poor people in Canada and how we have the same division of the wealthy and the poor as they have.  I think it was very good for them to hear this perspective.
    Last night the power was off for most of drop-in.  So we played ping-pong, Foozball, chess, pool and even did puzzles by candle light.  In Canada the kids would have wined like no tomorrow but these kids just wanted a candle so they could continue their games.