On Saturday DCR (Dan Charles Riddolls) Construction took to the stage for its first rap and stepping routine debut as part of the YFCB team.  The crowd went wild as DCR Construction took the mike for his solo rap on his maintenance position.  Video footage was taken but the teenage girls screaming drown out the audio.
    Random thoughts:  
- To switch the lights on here the switch goes down instead of up.
- Last night it rained so hard I had to put earplugs in because my tin roof was playing insanely loud. 
- Went to the chop shop again to get a part for the window in the Toyota Venture.  What a gong show.
- I dont think these people can have a public gathering of any sort without it being a minimum of four hours yesterday, even if it is only youth in the audience. 
- The house was broken into on Wednesday night at 2am.  They stole a bunch of stuff.  A couple of the girls were a little shook up but they are alright now.  I went back to sleep once I had finished with the Police.  I have changed the locks and now I will be re-enforcing the steel bars in the windows this week.
-  Saturday after the abstinence rally where I we all rapped, I drove around for over an hours taking various ladies home as we will not allow them to walk home in the dark.  It is to unsafe for them and there is no street lights on the bag streets.  Actually, there are no street lights, road signs, stop/yield signs or anything that does not resemble a donkey path except for how the vehicles have beet the ground into a road instead of weeds and grass.
- Instead of heading to Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls at the end of the month I will be going with a couple girls from the house to Namibia.  We are going to go swimming in the ocean, sand boarding, 4 wheeling in the sand dunes and check out the seals that hang out on the shore.  Might be able to go sea kayaking as well and see some cool stuff.  Apparently the sunrise out in the sand dunes is unreal.
- At the start of next week I will be going on a camp with 20 or so 5and 6 year olds.  We are driving them an hour and a half to a farm near Lobatse.  Apparently its a really cool farm with wild game, a butcher shop, lodges and other cool stuff on it.  Should be interesting.
- I will blog again and write on the position of giving and receiving aid in Southern Africa.  Stay tuned, it will blow your mind.