I am rounding the corner into my final week in Botswana and I am not really sure how I feel about that.  I feel as though I should be more sad that my time is coming to and end... but I am not.  Basically what it comes down to is that God sent me here for a purpose and I feel that this purpose has been accomplish.  He has not placed my heart here so even though I spent four months of my life here, learned many things, and met many good people, I am totally at peace with leaving.  Obviously due to my experience here, this place will live in the corner of my heart for a number of years and will affect the way I perceive all that life encompasses.
     Outside of this, I have come to the conclusion that there is not enough available power to be in my man cave during the hours of 7 and 8 oclock.  My main room light has a hard time turning on and flickers while my bathroom light barely even tries.  So this has resulted in a few candle light showers.  But I do enjoy the dim light of candles or lanterns so it doesnt really bother me.
     I am getting the welding rounded up at the house.  The place kind of looks like a prison now but thats what the boss ordered.  I have also started some tiling in the kitchen at the staff house.  Luckily the chipping did not take near as long this time!  So glad about that.  But since we all still need to use the kitchen every night, I have to put the sink back in place every night and clean up all my mess instead of just giv'nr and getting it done.
     We had to purchase a new welder as the old one died.  I think I like this one better but I am still getting the feel for it.  I am looking forward to not arc welding for some time!  I try not the think that if I had a mig welder I could have been done a week ago.
     Tonight we are all invited out to E.J and Koekoes for a Bry (BBQ).  Thats pretty much awesome.  Good food and I dont have to prepare it!  Although my skills have been improving.  
     I am looking forward to being back home, having my own vehicle and be doing my own thing again.  I probably have the most freedom out of most of the girls at the staff house because I am cruising in the YFC vehicles all the time to buy materials and what not but its still not the same.  Unless its work related we are pretty much stuck because Combi's and busses stop running at 8pm.  So unless you can walk back... your not going without someone with a vehicle.  So many times this means not going.  I have realized I am getting more sleep than ever.  Every night I get roughly 8 hours.  Its kind of nice but the reason we get that is because our social lives are not what they were back home.  Luckily there are some many people at the staff house or I might loose it with boredom.  So far its been manageable and the sleep is always nice.
     Things are looking like a good start for us on the roof again this summer.  The internet is a beautiful thing.  I am in Botswana and working on aligning jobs back in Ontario.  But we are always looking for more jobs.  Looks like a  good start but we will need more to keep us going through the summer.  But I am confident the work will come in.