Today was one of those days that you just want to smash what you are building!

     Smashing what your building make no logical sense but man does it feel good.  I never did smash what I was building... probably only because its steel.  I am building these bench seats for the office car port.  This way many people can sit if they BBQ of have meetings outside or whatever.  Its a great idea... but TIA (this is Africa).
     So everything at the office is 3-phase power wish means it can handle more load than normal North American wiring.  E.J says I can just plug the welder into any jack and it should handle it.  So I have stick welded these frames together out in the shop and am now welding them into place between the steel posts that support the roof of the car port.  Keep in mind that the paint I used to paint these things is not drying like it is suppose to and is also kinda pissing me off.
     I cant let this paint dry forever so I start welding these things in and hope that after a few days outside they will cure.  They have already had 2 days.  On the second beed of weld I trip the breaker.  Its shaping up for a good day.  The forth beed trips the main breaker for the entire place.  So now I leave that until almost everyone leaves the office so there is less load on the system.  If I turned the welder up it would trip the breaker so I am trying to weld cooler and the rods keep sticking (this really really frustrates me!!!!)  
     Once most people have gone home I decide to try it again.  It works better this time and I only trip the breaker once.  However a piece of slag falls and burns my finger, I cracked the fibreglass tip on the lead where the rod clamps in... and the rods continue to stick on me.
     So all in all, I have 2 out of the 3 benches mounted.  I have a burnt finger, bad attitude, cracked welding tip and the paint has still not dried.  Good times.
     Hopefully tomorrow goes better.  If it doesnt, at least I will only have one more day of being pissed off and then I will be done the benches.  There is always a positive side to things :)