Control... everyone wants it, no one has it!

       I wonder what drives our desire to have control when never for a second in our lives have we had control.  Truthfully, the only control that we have ever had is over small things of which that control has been granted to us as a gift of free will.  However, even in these small things our control can be snatched in a moment.  For example, I could choose to go to the store at 3:30 but on route a collision could happen in front of me and my once seemingly controlled situation is given to the rescue workers while I wait as the time passes and my control float away life a leaf in the wind.
       On Feb 3rd one of my awesome youth from back home messaged me and said his step dad had died of a heart attack on Feb 2nd.  This youth and I have grown a lot together as he tested me and the other leaders love for him and his friends.  We butted heads but in the end love prevailed and he and the others know that we love them.  Never have I worked with youth that frustrated me quite as much or have I enjoyed near as much.  These youth have attitude, personality and a loyalty to each other that is deeper than blood.  This loyalty is beginning to be opened to us as youth leaders.
       It is no coincidence that my friend emailed me about his step dad the day after because he knows I have his back.  But here is where my control is lost.  I am roughly 20,000km away right now.  Regardless of this, everything is taken care of by my King Jesus.  
      It is also no coincidence that when my friend received that call that he was out with two other youth leaders for lunch.  People who knew him and he has grown to trust, could care for him.  People he (and his friend who was with him) asked to pray for him and his family.  These same youth, and a couple others, approached the leaders after youth 2 weeks before to pray specifically for me while in Africa.  These youth who were hesitant to pray in a big group before I left, each offered a prayer for me before leaving that night.  
     It comes as no surprise then that he called those leaders later in the day needing a ride to the hospital, which they willingly gave.  He and his family will also be receiving Meals for Encouragement.  These are meals that our youth group made one night a month and give to people who are in need, such as when a death occurs in a family.  Sometimes it is hard for the youth to see the impact of these meals have but now they will all receive a first hand witness to how beneficial and loving these meals can be for a person or family.
     Do we have control over our lives?  Only how we react to any given situation.  We can do things as preventative measures but never do we control.  Luckily someone else does!  It is no coincidence that during all the minutes in a day and all the hours in a lifetime that these youth leaders were with my friend when he received this call at a time when I could not be there for him.  I thought that I should really pray for my friend.  When I went to do so, Jesus said: "I got it".  I thought, ya I guess you do with everything you put in place.  Then He said, "I had it under control before you even knew about it."
      So I have no control but I have peace.  Scripture is very clear that if we follow God and be obedient in all our ways that he will bless us with a life we could not imagine (not necessarily financially).  When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was He said, "Love the Lord your God, and the second is like it, Love your neighbour as yourself."  We have done our best to do both of these commands with the youth and God has come through on his promise to go before us.