Masta Daniel

            The stuff to fix here is literally endless.  The level of quality workmanship that I prefer is none existent (except by the invading Chinese who do all the major projects) here so I could spend years bringing everything up to well done standards.  E.J would like me to do some tiling at the staff house and in the daycare kitchen because the tiling here is terrible.  When a house is built the concrete floor is usually painted and sealed until there is enough money to tile.  When there is enough money you have to take a ball peen hammer and chip the concrete.  This is because the thinset mortar does not stick to the paint and the tiles break loose.  So you have to chip through the paint to the concrete so the mortar can bond the tiles to the concrete.  The living room is about 14 feet by 20 feet.  That is about 280 sq/ft.  I should have a good time chipping all that with a hammer.
            This week I did a bunch of welding as I built two swinging garage doors for the house garage.  I also repaired a rake, chair, and bar to pull up steel grate covers.  Now that Koekoes has seen my skills, she wants me to build benches in the carport at the office.  I will need to fabricate steel structures and make some kind of wooden seat for them.  I think they are starting to realize I have a variety of handyman skills and their dreams are starting to grow a bit.
            In the past two weeks I built shelves in the store room, repaired shelves in the daycare kitchen and sharpened Ponso’s cleaver (the daycare cook), repaired two fans that fell of shelves and broke the plastic housings, trimmed more trees, cleaned up my shop so its more useable, repaired another roof, repaired a tricycle, fixed an issue with the gate at the daycare so its not so easy for the locals to bust the lock off, repaired the kitchen cupboard hinges, repaired a drain pipe on the outside of the office building, repaired the foosball table legs and reinforced a couple spots, repaired and reinforced the legs on the old pool table, and burnt months of household garbage because the garbage truck fails to come and a 14 year old neighbor boy keeps going through our garbage.
            Did I mention that Ponso loves me?  For some reason, many middle-aged woman are very fond of me.  Many of the girls feel that Ponso is not fond of them but they all know she really likes me.  Ponso is probably 50 years old, has never been married and lives in a small house with her 3 children.  She is nice to me but the other girls say she can be gruff. 
            I think I forgot to mention that you could also refer to me as Master Daniel now if you would like.  Apparently I am the master of a harem.  Last week four of us were walking down the street and a man approached me and asked me to give him Jennifer.  Jennifer kept walking but he never even made an effort to talk to her but just talked to me about it.  Apparently I am the master of the white women here and have the power to give them in marriage.  For Jennifer’s sake I refused his request. Lol.  But, we did get invited to another wedding in March from a neighbor lady so that’s cool.
            I love the freedom there is in this country.  You can pee anywhere and its acceptible.  Also, you can drive down the highway at 120km/h with your truck box FULL of people and it is not out of the question.  Probably the most interesting freedom is that the guys here never feel demasculinated.  They are very secure and can do very stupid or questionable things in North American standards but its all in good fun and no one things less of them.  Its very different from North America were there is strong pressure to not do many things as a member of one sex or another.  Although it does reflect in their lack of desire to take responsibility for being a man and all the factors that come with that.