Apparently my man cave is under a fruit tree.  I never noticed this until two weeks ago when a piece of fruit fell on my tin roof at 4:30am and scared the living crap out of me.  There is nothing in these buildings to buff the noise and I was in one of those half a sleep/half awake modes, when it happened.  I am kind of getting used to the nightly fruit dropping of the tree but I am also very close to taking the saw and cutting a big branch off the neighbours tree.  Its from his yard that this obnoxious fruit dropping is coming.  Plus the fruit isnt even good.  
   The other night I lit some of the branches and grass on fire.  All the girls came to watch because the 15 foot tall flames kind of had them worried.  I was confident it would only be that big until all the leaves burned off the branches but it was really close to the clothes line and I didnt want to melt the line.  Also I was worried it would wreck the mud plaster on the block fence but it was all good.  The neighbour didnt even come out to see what was going on.  I figured I have burnt enough stuff with dad around the farm that I had it under control.  Corine was relieved when the fire died down though.  Right around the clothes line is a lot of thorns on the ground.  I pick 81 out of the bottom of one sandal and 80 out of the other for a total of 161 thorns... good times.
    I am getting used to the day-time heat.  For the past two weeks I have been welding a lot so I am wearing pants all the time.  Yesterday it was 37.5 degrees and I didnt really notice the heat that much.  Although I was inside but still grinding and welding.  Plus, I carried a fan home from the office for my room.  You know your committed when you carry a full size fan for twenty minutes down the mains street!
    Tonight we are going to Ant & Nellies place in Gaborone.  Ant is on the YFCB National Board.  The couple is kind of like grandparents to the foreign volunteers.  They live in a condo complex so we can go swimming and they have Air Conditioning.  Tonight they invited us for a Brye (South African BBQ).
     A friend commented on my blog about the condition of the young adults here and how they are very unmotivated.  He said its the same as in Canada.  Many young people have little motivation except for hanging with friends and playing video games.  After thinking about it, he is exactly right... sort of.  Here there is a larger number of people doing very little.  Instead of playing video games they play games like pool, soccer, chess and foosball.  However, I think in Canada forces our young people to do more whether they like it or not.  It could also be hard to judge as birth control is not common here and the amount of children is much more here.
     I dont think I have every been in a place where the evenings are as nice as here.  Once darkness sets in, the outside temperature cools to exactly the right temperature for sitting and the starts and bright every night.  If you can handle the batts swooping around your head while your sitting outside at night then its really really nice.  
     A couple of days ago Jennifer had her camera and MP3 player stolen.  She left it on a shelf under her window at night and left the window open.  So while we all slept someone stuck their arm through the security bars and was able to grab it.  
     Last night I lead a Bible Study on Isaiah chapter 51.  Not exactly an easy chapter to teach on but I think it went well.  I was able to give the group and decent amount of background knowledge to help them understand what was going on at the time it was written and why it was written.  It was nice to teach again.  I am learning that I enjoy it more and more.