A number of blog posts ago I commented on not being emotionally induced to give financial aid to countries or people groups that do not use it in a positive manner.  (ie.  instead of using the money to create economic flow, they spend the money as a free gift and create dependence.)  I also mentioned how Botswana (and many countries in Africa) have used the aid given them to create dependence instead of economic stability for their country as a whole.
     I believe and understand that at the core of every human being there is good.  I also believe and understand that at the core of every human being there is evil.  This truth is without race, culture, nationality, gender or geographic location.  It is simply a truth.  If you take a second to ponder the more prosperous nations, you can see extreme wealth, extreme poverty and people in between.  If you take a minute to ponder "middle class" nations, you will see extreme wealth, extreme poverty and less in between people.  If you take a few minute to ponder "third world" nations, you will see extreme wealth, extreme poverty and very few middle people.  Simply put, every country has the same issue of greed and self ambition, it merely is perceived different due to circumstance. 
     While living in Botswana I have seen things that World Vision could come in and shoot pictures of to start collecting aid from the sad looking pictures.  You all know the shots... the sad three year old boy all alone wearing nothing but a dirty T-shirt and walking a dirt road in bare feet.
     On the other hand Botswana is experiencing a strike of all government workers except for the police force.  A number of years ago Botswana was faced with a decision.  They either had to fire some government workers to be able to give the remaining workers a raise or implement a wage freeze and allow all workers to continue working and retain an income.  They chose the latter and it was a very beneficial decision.  However the greed of the people has become to much.  They are now striking for more money, fully knowing that if they get more money some of them will get fired so that the others can have more.  BUT, they absolutely do not care.  It is all about them.  They want more money and that is final.
     I have mentioned the teachers make lots of money but listen to this.  Yesterday I was informed that a sibling of one of the YFCB workers is a lab technician at the Mochudi hospital and makes 18,000 Pula a month.  This is roughly $3000 Canadian.  But she is striking because she wants more.  Lets put this in perspective; $3000 a month is $36,000 a year.  That is a average wage for a Canadian worker.  However, these people pay $200 (Can) a year for car insurance, their land plot to build their house is GIVEN TO THEM FOR FREE, and building a house only costs about $25,000 (Can) for a nice home.  
     I have lived in this country for 3 and a half months on $1,200 (Can).  It is cheap to live here.  Literally, I can live here for an entire year (including paying rent) on what this lady makes in just over a month.  Food and gasoline and clothing cost the same as in Canada but everything else is way less.  Included in their freebies is their university education.  So, the amount of spendable income this lady makes is probably three times that of a Canadian worker and they are still striking, wanting more money and are willing to let other workers be fired so they can have more.   GREED.  IT IS ALL GREED.
     This ladies sister makes 1000 Pula a month or a $170 (Can) yet her sister who makes 18,000 Pula a month still shares very little with her.

     SO, hopefully this re-enforces my point that you must be aware of the locations, organizations and people groups that your money is being sent to.  Also dont be too shocked by the small children pictures where they are only where a t-shirt.  Its not so much a poverty thing as a common thing that he is just a small child and therefore it doesnt matter if he is fully dressed.  No one thinks twice about it.  Understand the situation before letting your heart strings be pulled to far.
     Again, visit nationwares.com to learn more about supporting people to start small business in impoverished areas.  If you dont visit nationwares.com, there are plenty of other organizations doing similar things that you could invest in as well.  However, some of these will be scams to take your money or will use it poorly.  I can vouch for Nationwares.